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Дејвид Вајт о ступању и иступању из тишине

Џон О'Донохоу за музику каже да је она рођена сестра тишине, док чувени диригент мађарског порекла, Џорџ Соти, пред смрт изјављује како је све више опчињен тишином која почива у сржи музике представљајући њену постојану основу. 
О тајинственом путу ступања и иступања из тишине на најупечатљивији, мени познат, начин говори Дејвид Вајт (2. новембар 1955) у својим двама поемама објављеим у збирци песама Everything is Waiting for You.


Imagine a path before you
and imagine as you walk it
the path worn deeper and deeper
into the ground so that 
as it beckons you further
 into the narrow valley and
under the roof of spreading trees,
 the sides of the path
rear up to hold you
and enclose you and the walls 
of this path are write stone covered
with ivy and lichen and green moss
and that by walking this path
into the enclosed earth
you had entered a pure,
innocent and hidden silence
for which you realize 
amid the noise and tumult 
of your own creation,
you had waited years.

Then you would be
in The Glen, near Sligo Town,
at the edge of the sea
about to cross a threshold
into some life
you had once called your own
and as you walked
into the dark mouth 
of the valley you could marvel
at the utter,exuberant exclusion
of human sound
and at the shelter extended
by its sombre tree shadowed silence
and in the center of those shadows
penumbral to your own body
you could catch sight above
of clear stars even at midday
and feel reflected
inside you, even though
a troubled surface
an equivalent and burning symmetry
waiting to be read.

And then, as if
that text was being spoken
as you walked
and as if you were listening
yourself from the center
of some silent fire,
and as if from nowhere
and as if from some other correspondance
to your journey into the earth
you could hear in that forgotten script
some old necessity
for which you had been
waiting,long years
and it would beagain
as if the sun
had risen for you
from ashes and from greyness
and blessed you
as you went
shaking off the clinging
flakes of darkness
and in you grew
a clear lighted
view over an open landscape,
and it could be dawn again
and the fields new ploughed
and the larks alive in the minted air,
and you could find in that opening
silence that after all
you had not forgotten 
that your memory was true
and that your faith
had been something alive and
therefore deserving of failure,
it was
like everything else in the world
bound to stall and stutter
and go out
to leave you orphaned
and alone in the dark 
so that you would look afresh 
for the original
light of your own parentage.
To find it new again,
like this.

And then, after,
when you'd turned back
by the way you came,
back toward
the mouth of the Glen
you'd entered
noisily just as hour before,
calling to the others
and you reached again,
but this time alone
the invisible line
you could mark exactly
when you began to hear
the sounds of the road
and the machines and the blank
cries of everyday commerce,
so that for a moment you could 
retrace that one single step
back into the Glen
and immerse yourself
in the quiet
source of revelation
you had felt
only a moment before,
as if under water,
as if slipping back
into the river
of silence running between
the tree lined walls
and then you could practice
leaving and 
returning in your own body,
through your own breath,
inward and outward,
descending and
entering and reentering the silence
and shelter of your own
narrow valley of aloneness,
from interiority 
to conversation
and back.
So that you suddenly realized
you were given
the complete and utter gift
of your own transparency,
the revelation of your 
own exact boundary with
the world.
The frontier 
between silence and speech
the line you must cross
to give yourself
while saving yourself,
the gleam in your heart
and your eye,
another sun rising,
the old memories alive
after a long night of absence
and the world again
suddenly worth
worth seeing,
worth innocence,
worth everything.
Препоручујемо читање целе збирке песама Everything is Waiting for You коју можете допунити изванредно лепим размишљањем Џона О'Донохуа о аскетском животу.

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